Kaelo Gap Claim Step 01

How to submit a Gap Cover Claim:

Before you start please ensure you have the following documentation available:

  • Doctor’s Account
  • Hospital Account
  • Medical Scheme Statement and/or Claim Remittance (showing the Specialist and/or Doctor’s Account)

We are unable to assess your claim without the required documents.

Kaelo Gap Claim Step 02

Gap Cover Claim Notifications:

We will keep you informed along the Claims Submission Process. Notification updates will be communicated as the Claim status is updated.

  1. Claim Submission Received
  2. Claim Authorised and or Claim Processed
  3. Claim Paid

The full claim submission to payment process will take seven to 14 business days.

Kaelo Gap

Western Gap


Premiums for Gap Cover Policies are not tax deductible as these Policies are registered as Short-Term insurance Policies. We therefore do not issue a Tax certificate to our Policyholders.

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