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Who We Are

Kaelo provides innovative, essential, healthcare solutions enabling the physical and psychological well-being of all South Africans.

Our one goal is to provide more South Africans with access to quality healthcare. We are progressive in our design, simple in our approach and sincere in the way we engage, changing the way healthcare is delivered to meet the needs of our people.

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Our Clients

Amehlia de Lange, CHEP HR Manager: Sub-Saharan Africa

AskNelson is a great resource for all involved. It benefits our employees by helping them restore mental, emotional, financial and physical wellbeing. It gives our managers a way to provide access to help for their employees. And it helps our company because no employee can be at their top performance when they are struggling with personal issues. Most importantly it can and has saved lives. If we only help 1 employee by having this program, it is worth every cent we spent. Now more then ever we need to provide assistance for our most valuable assets, our Employees.

Judith Makhotla, AVBOB Wellness Practitioner

I have had an amazing experience with the service provided by Kaelo, their response time and support they have provided our employees with is exceptional. The dedicated Customer Relationship Managers are like family, they understand our values and business. Kaelo is very progressive and gives you solutions and interventions that the business needs.

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