Why choose Kaelo Funeral Cover

By offering Kaelo Funeral Cover to your employees, you can provide them with the assurance that their families will receive financial support to cover the costs of the funeral in the event of their own or their loved one’s passing. 

Funeral Cover that comes with peace of mind

Kaelo Funeral Cover

At Kaelo, we understand the importance of providing peace of mind to your employees during difficult times. Our Funeral Cover ensures that every tale is concluded with respect and affection, offering financial support to cover the costs of funerals. With Kaelo, you can rest assured that your employees and their families will receive the necessary assistance when it matters the most. Choose Kaelo Funeral Cover for a compassionate and reliable solution.

This is funeral cover arranged by an Employer for their Employees.

The insurance plan offers a lump sum payment to cover funeral expenses.

All eligible claims are settled within two business days of obtaining the required paperwork.

Benefits of group cover

Cover offered to valued employees as an employee benefit at rates affordable to the employer. There are no waiting periods for compulsory schemes.

A policy is issued to each employee, but you are underwritten as a company. This means that you will receive an aggregated risk assessment for the company’s funeral policy based on the risk of the group (workers) as a whole. By doing this, more people will have access to affordable funeral cover than if each employee went through the employee benefits process on their own.

The policy covers the main life assured and they may choose to cover the following immediate family members:
  • Spouse
  • Children (a child of the policyholder and/or spouse under the age of 21, including adopted children and foster children)

Cover Options

What is the difference between a group funeral plan and group life cover?

Funeral and life policies are taken out to cover different financial needs. The payout of a funeral policy is faster than that of a life policy, it typically pays out within 48 hours once all required documents are received. Whilst a payout on a life policy can be lengthy as it typically entails a medical examination and enquiries about your medical and financial background.

The funeral claim amount has to cover immediate and urgent funeral expenses, so that a loved one may be buried with dignity. It’s for short-term expenditures. The purpose of a life policy is to take care of the long-term financial needs of the loved ones left behind, such as payment of their education, house loans, cars, and other living necessities. For this reason, there is a big difference in the claim payment between a funeral cover and a life cover. The maximum payout on a funeral cover is R100 000, whereas the payout on a life cover can be worth millions of rands.

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