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At Kaelo, we understand that a large number of employees do not have access to any form of private healthcare, putting their health and lives at risk. Kaelo Health – MyHealth Primary Healthcare puts private healthcare in reach of millions of South Africans. Take care of your employees through a choice of three plans that provides them with quality and affordable solutions that meet a range of specific needs. Along with on-site health screenings and bi-annual reporting, your business can stay up to date regarding workplace wellness whilst keeping track of your investment in your employees.

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Our healthcare solutions can be integrated to further enhance employee access to private care. A cost leverage consideration is provided through a per member rate rebate that is calculated against the clinic fee.

Policyholders can enjoy access to one of South Africa’s largest National Primary Healthcare network, Prime Cure, allowing personalised treatment and medication for a comprehensive range of health problems. This includes GPs, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, pathologists and hospitals.

Kaelo Health – MyHealth Plus

Kaelo Health – MyHealth Core

Kaelo Health – MyHealth Vital

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Become an employer of choice by investing in your employees.

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