The Kaelo Lifestyle programme has been designed to assist business leaders and team managers to manage personal and work related issues.

The AskNelson Programme, powered by Kaelo Lifestyle provides employees with support and protection, creating a culture of wellness reaching beyond the workplace. The result is a passion to gain and stay healthier physically and emotionally while encouraging engagement and loyalty.

It includes a systematic programme of counselling, financial, legal and leadership support and it’s ultimately concerned with identifying, preventing and treating issues that might affect overall productivity.

Kaelo Lifestyle Benefits


Our AskNelson programme, powered by Kaelo Lifestyle is rich and diverse, with a well-established track record and proven results. The programme helps address and solve issues that employees and their families cope with in today’s world such as financial pressure, high levels of personal stress, addictions, health problems, demanding work schedules, crime and violence. By addressing and solving these issues, business can be positively impacted through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and reduced staff attrition.

Kaelo Lifestyle Services


  • Telephonic Counselling
  • Virtual Face-to-Face Counselling
  • Off-site Face-to-Face Counselling
  • On-site Face-to-Face Counselling
  • Virtual On-site Face-to-Face Counselling
  • Managerial and Leadership Support Services
  • Manager Support Orientation Sessions
  • Soft Skills Knowledge
  • Life Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Career Guidance
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Workplace Trauma Intervention – Groups
  • Financial Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Road Accident Cover
  • Workman’s Compensation Cover (fee- for- service)
  • Retrenchment Support (fee- for- service)
  • Training (fee- for- service)
  • Master Classes (fee- for- service)
  • Vumamoola (fee- for- service)
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