KaeloMoney Emergency Wallet

Emergency Wallet

A multi-month credit product, governed by the National Credit Regulator, that caters for larger emergency expenses and debt consolidations. Employees can access up to 45% of their gross month salary and repay the amounts over three months.

Read more about the lending controls that can be implemented to avoid irresponsible use here

KaeloMoney Earned Wage Access

Earned Wage Access

A means whereby employees can access a portion of their already earned income before pay day. This deals with smaller expenses, whereby disposable income is not sufficient to cover expenses, particularly towards the end of the month.

Read more here 

KaeloMoney Buying Universe

Kaelo Money Marketplace

Employees can access discounted goods through the platform. This includes and is not limited to airtime, data, electricity, clothing, health and food.

Read more here

KaeloMoney Savings Platfrom

Savings Platform

Employees can deposit money into an interest-bearing account directly from their Emergency Wallet or Earned Wage Access wallet. *This benefit will be live Q2 2024.

KaeloMoney Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Employees will receive rewards points for financial behaviour that assists them in improving their financial health and wellness. These points will provide them with valuable benefits through the Kaelo Money platform. *This program will be live in Q2 2024.

KaeloMoney Smart Vouchering

Smart Vouchering

An employer benefit that allows employers to pay out of payroll cycle benefits, rewards and bonuses by using the existing infrastructures on the Kaelo Money system.

Read more here

KaeloMoney Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Platform

An on-platform wellness tab that allows employees to access a financial wellness blog, an educational video library, various budgeting tools and modules and most importantly, a free, personalised financial coach call back.

Read more about the Financial Wellness platform here

Read more about how Kaelo Money drives financial wellness here

Read more about the Financial Wellness Workshops included upon inception here

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