Feeling Overwhelmed with your TB Diagnosis?

Being diagnosed with any chronic illness such as Tuberculosis (TB) can be an overwhelming experience. This often creates uncertainties in many areas of your life and how it will affect you and your family, however, this is both manageable and treatable.

According to the Hindawi Journal, patients who get diagnosed with TB tend to deal with many other overwhelming emotions such as being depressed, anxious and lethargic. This tends to create a barrier for patients to complete their treatment plan and can lead patients to engage in other forms of substance abuse such as, excessive alcohol use, smoking, the intake of other harmful drugs, and even self-harm.

There are warning signs that you and your family can look out for to help recognise the signs of being overwhelmed, some
of these include:

  • Difficulties sleeping.
  • Feeling tired and drained.
  • Experiencing an increased or decreased appetite.
  • Feeling anxious more often than not and feeling moody or emotional.

The AskNelson programme, powered by Kaelo Lifestyle offers services to members to help identify, prevent and treat any emotions that you may be experiencing and help with future lifestyle planning. Being diagnosed with TB will be an overwhelming experience for the whole family but we at AskNelson are here to help before these emotions negatively impact you, your life and your family.

Feeling overwhelmed with your TB Diagnosis Infographic
Let Us Unite to End TB

Dates to Remember

24 March: World Tuberculosis Day

Get support! Speak to our Kaelo Lifestyle consultants on 0861 635 766, or book your virtual consultation directly online for your safety and convenience.

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